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Festive mood! 

Winter Edition 2021

Coat Rack Bench, Schaukelstuhl, Bistrotstuhl and No. 200 by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna are getting ready for holidays


GTV celebrates winter with special editions of some of the most iconic pieces in its collection and a brand new collaboration. They are characterised by classic alpine-style fabrics with sophisticated decorations in shades of white, green, red and extravagant colours such as gold and electric blue. 


For the Winter Edition 2021, GTV inaugurates a new collaboration with SERIENUMERICA, a brand founded by two designers, Maria De Ambrogio and Stella Tosco, inspired by a passion for fashion and experimentation and which has made research its strong point. The brand works in close contact with Italian artisans, "forcing" traditional processes and changing the rules of the classic in an attempt to enhance and sculpt raw materials of the highest quality. Specialising in the production of knitwear garments, it shares with GTV the common ethos of an ongoing dialogue with artisans and designers, together with a passion for quality and contemporary design. SERIENUMERICA has designed and produced exclusive fabrics for GTV, processed using the Jacquard technique: a 100% wool yarn, from which the knits for the covers for the four new 2021 Christmas editions are obtained. These furnishings are ideal for personalising a home in an alpine style, with natural materials that create a continuum with nature or lend a touch of Nordic design to your living room, creating an atmosphere of security and welcome, in a word: familiarity.


From the Swedish design duo Front, the COAT RACK BENCH reinvents the brand's signature styles of curved wood and Vienna straw seat with originality. A piece that enhances the entrance area, while at the same time capable of casually blending into different areas of the home. A sophisticated gift idea for Christmas 2021, it features an unusual wnter fabric cover with stylised red snowflakes on a white background.


The iconic SCHAUKELSTUHL rocking chair with its white frame made of steam-curved solid beech wood acquires charm and warmth in its new Christmas guise with an upholstered seat and backrest instead of Vienna straw. The rounded profile of the armrests, together with the warm merino wool fabric with mountain decorations in green and red, create a cosy and intimate space. 


Another new contemporary reinterpretation of the Thonet tradition, the BISTROTSTUHL armchair by English designer Nigel Coates. Extremely comfortable and ergonomic, it is characterised by its sculptural anthropomorphic backrest, which envelops its occupants in a broad embrace. Upholstered in Jacquard fabric in three colours: green, red and white, with designs inspired by traditional alpine art.


Alpine stars and snowflakes for the wool upholstery of the latest special edition 2021 featuring Michael Anastassiades' No. 200 lounge chair. A refined expression of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna's genetic code and its profound vocation for design research, the No. 200 lounge chair is a perfect fit with the brand's history and tradition of bentwood. For this edition, in addition to decorations in classic Christmas colours such as red, green and white, the fabrics were also made in bright and extravagant colours such as gold and electric blue. 



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