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 “We are the founders of this company renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship, innovative designs and sustainable production practices. We release two exclusive collection each year.

As the creative directors and production managers, we oversee every aspect of Serienumerica’s operations. Our responsibilities span across the entire production process, ensuring that each piece meets our high standards of quality and design. 

Our roles include: 

Developing and Selecting the finest materials and yarns to ensure durability and comfort.

Developing seasonal themes and concepts for each collection maintaining always our ‘fil rouge’. 

Creating detailed production schedules and coordinating with manufacturing partners.

Overseeing together with our team the entire manufacturing process from knitting to finishing.

Engaging with our customer base through social media and other digital channels.

We are passionate about creating exceptional knitwear and fabrics that combine style, comfort, and sustainability. 

Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence ensure that each collection is unique and meets the expectations of our customers.” 




“I’m Riccardo and in serien°umerica I take care of all the production excels. This means that I’m responsible for creating and managing the Excel sheet that consolidates all client orders and calculates production and raw material needs.

I accurately input all client orders into the Excel sheet to calculate the total amount of fabric and yarn required for all orders.

Furthermore I’m also maintenance technician of our four STOLL knitwear machines.

This position requires a mix of mechanical and electrical expertise, along with practical experience in machine operation and maintenance.

It includes assisting  in the installation of new equipment, fix complex machinery issues or repair or replace faulty parts, such as needles, sinkers, and gears.”







” Hi, I am Joanna from serien°umerica and I am in charge of  production and purchase of supplies, such as bottoms, labels and everything you need to obtain the final garment.

I am in contact with all the laboratories in Italy that produce the part of our fabric collection and also the laboratories that link together our  knitwear production that goes out to our stores all over the world.

Furthermore I also help out with sewing samples and hand embroidery all hand made details on our knitwear pieces.”









“I’m Giulia, in serien°umerica I’m in charge of the knitwear department. 

I supervise with the help of Mayra and Puuje the knitwear production and all single online orders. 

Furthermore I handle and program our STOLL knitwear machines. Once I receive the drawing with measurements I program the machine in order to knit the pieces that we need.

We use the fully-fashioned knitwear technique which consists in programming every piece of the garment with the required shape, knitting them on the machines, sewing with the linking machine and checking the fitting. 

I go through all these working steps.

When we receive an online order I put the right program into the machine and afterwards Puuje, Maira or me link the pieces together to finish the garment. 

Once the garments are approved they are ready to become part of your wardrobe”.






 ” Hi, I’m Eleonora and in serien°umerica studio I take care of the customer service, the logistic department and I manage the online orders. 


When sales are closed and the production starts I usually help with the handmade part of the production, using the crochet and embroidery techniques.


 I appreciate very much the opportunity to combine the office work with the handmade and most creative part of the work.”








“Hi, I’m Paola, in serie°numerica I manage the technical part of the fabric section.

As a professional pattern maker, I make all the patterns of Stella’s and Maria’s idea and designs with the aid of a computer CAD program.

Then I assist the fittings and make the corrections to the patterns.

After the modeling process I sew the prototypes and samples for our final sample collection.

During the production part I also develop the sizes and place all the patterns on the fabrics.

The most beautiful part of my job in serie°numerica is working with our unique lines which exploit refined asymmetries and particular workmanship.”






“I’m Valentina. At Serienumerica, I handle various aspects of our creative and production processes.

I manage sample making with the seamstress, support technical drawings, sketches, and moodboards, and contribute to the collection’s development.

I oversee photo shoots and fittings, coordinating with the designer and photographer to ensure that the final presentation represents the brand’s identity.

Additionally, I help organize social media posts, configure the embroidery machine, and assist with order management during shipping.

My various roles at Serienumerica allow me to combine technical skills with creative aspects, contributing to different stages of our creation and production processes.”





“Hi, my name is Mayra. At Serienumerica, I work in the knitwear department, which means I run the knitting machines and sew  prototypes and samples for every collection using industrial linking machines. 

I also perform quality checks on every garment when production begins or when and online order comes in. 

Sometimes, I also help with the crochet work when handmade production starts.”






“Hi, my name is Purevdulam (Puuje). 

At Serienumerica, I work in the knitwear section, which means I run the knitting machines and sew the prototypes and samples for every collection using industrial linking machines. 

I also perform quality checks on every garment when production begins, so understanding and fixing problems is part of my job. 

Sometimes, I also help with the crochet work when handmade production starts.”