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serien°umerica participates at OPERAE to present its new project in collaboration with Maurizio Battilossi. The project MARCA welcomes DORA, a carpet that combines research, sobriety and minimalism typical of the two designers, together with inventiveness and techniques of carpets design.
Textile works manifactured by expert artisans with great care for details, made unique by borders and fringes, by embroideries and rubber finishings.
MARCA expresses the excellences of Turin district by fostering a virtuous collaboration between local institutions, designers and companies.
The project MARCA is promoted and supported by the Torino Chamber of commerce, in cooperation with the Piedmont Agency and conceived and curated by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò.operae
Independent Design Festival
opening 03.11 || 19 – 23
04.11 – 06.11
presso Palazzo Cisterna
via Carlo Alberto 23


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photo by PEPE – fotografia|||Giorgia Mannavola