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During the Turin days dedicated to the contemporary art –from the 6th to the 20th of November 2014 – by via Bonelli 11 exhibition spaces, Serienumerica introduces Garum, Mercato Ittico Antico; an installation characterized from a strong visual effect and a primordial charme, created by Torre 23, a duo whose protagonists are the set designer Chiara Mauri and the designer Johnny Hermann.

The aim of Serienumerica in this project is to explore the universe of the manual skills in all its variations and, through exhibitions and installations, to create a dialogue between the brand itself and the artists, the designers and the craftsmen, through mixes and blends.

The essential but yet charming materials and the precious manual work are the common denominator that connect the Fish Market to the work exposed, where a huge black wool crochet dress is shown. The amazing sample –created in the Serienumerica lab– is placed beside an intentionally enlarged octopus, visual blend that recalls Garum.

The thick stitches and the imprecise manufacturing give to the dress a severe look: it arises from the old sailors sweaters, a garment that had to be warm, resistant to stand the water spurts and the rain, but yet comfortable.

The ordinary knit process is, in this case, replaced by the usage of the crochet hook, creating a sculptural piece in which sleeves and body are linked without continuity: a divertissement whose aim is to show the authentic artisanal work that represents the essence of the brand research.

Through an installation that creates a magical and surreal atmosphere, and that joins together art, design and fashion.

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