SS 2013

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For the summer 2013 serien°umerica offers light clothes, shirts and tees on which to apply leather accessories or mini cotton knitted waistcoat to customize clothing.
Skirts and leather aprons enhanced with a “plissé” effect.
Shorts in three different variations: wide with low crotch, with tighter leg and with leather belt.
For the knitwear the news of this season are the dark sage colors and a special finish which gives the garments a rubber and glossy effect and, only available in black, creates a play between light and shadow.
Another interesting piece is the sweatshirt with unfinished hem cuts in different shapes and designs: with or without sleeves, closed and with buttons.
With the denim the brand produces pants cut classically and at the calf with low crotch of a gray washed-out color, as well as long jackets with or without a hood useful for temperatures not yet quite stable and spring rains.