serienumerica curated – side project of the fashion brand serienumerica – rises from the need of exploring the universe of the manual skills in all its shapes and variations.

costume design

in the past few years serienumerica approached the world of theater and cinema. it has both designed costumes on commission and selected items from its collections for movie costumes.


serienumerica’s experience in knitwear creations and leather clothing and accessorizes, enables it to operate as consultants for third-party companies; its professional advice can work both on a macro level for the stylistic part and on the details, developing men and womenswear collections starting from sampling and including the research of materials and mood.


the project proposes a different curatorial paradigm that, through exhibitions and installations, creates a dialogue between the brand itself and the artists. the designers and the craftsmen, through mixes and blends.a

uniform design

serien°umerica offers its stylistic consultation to create workwear and uniforms.