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Born in 2009 from Maria De Ambrogio and Stella Tosco, Serienumerica is a brand that has made research its strong point.
Deeply rooted in their city of origin, Turin, the designers work in close contact with local artisans, insisting on traditional processes and changing their rules in order to enhance and shape raw materials that are always of the highest quality.
Furthermore, serienºumerica has opened its Knit-lab in 2018, the laboratory for samples and production dedicated to knitwear. A natural evolution and a testament to the attention the brand has always paid to the world of knitwear.
In the laboratory, there are both manual and electronic machines, as well as looms and finishers. This on one hand allows the designers to pay even more attention to the quality of collections during production, and on the other hand, gives them complete freedom of creative development.
Thanks to the decision to sample and produce in-house, the brand continues its careful work of research into yarns, increasingly including in its collections regenerated and recycled ones.
The research is also amplified by collaborating with artists and photographers who with their work contaminate that of the designers, giving life to small capsules within the collections, such as Multipli in 2013.
The minimalistic shapes are transformed according to perspective by playing on unexpected asymmetries and overlaps, forming a lasting style and one not influenced by passing fashions.
The brand is now distributed in selected stores all over the world.
A space, a surface, and its texture, the raw matter from which everything is born. Starting from textures found in everyday life that are disassembled, deconstructed, and applied to knitwear, the garments in this collection are formed.
The simple shapes stand out against the complex surface of the garments, the studied details emerging only at a close distance: transparencies, lines, reliefs that highlight the manufacturing and emphasize the quality of the yarn.
Serienumerica proposes a rediscovery of the matter, the craftsmanship, and of manual skills through a specific selection of yarns and the ways they are processed, intertwined and mixed together, seeking a perfect balance between the most advanced technologies but respecting the tradition and craftsmanship that are characteristic features of the brand.