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4st S T E P
washing and drying the garment

By utilizing the advanced features and specialized programs of Miele industrial washing machines, we can achieve the optimal final finish for our knitwear, maintaining the garments’ quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.


Indeed, also the drying process is crucial in achieving the soft hand feel and final finish of our knitwear pieces. 

The combination of gentle drying methods, precise moisture control, and innovative technologies ensures our knitwear its quality, softness, and durability.


Every member of our company knows how to use our specific washing programs based on each specific yarn. 


As soon as the order is ready a member of our company will take care of the washing & drying aspect. 

This person can ensure that each garment is treated with the appropriate care and attention to detail. 


This careful handling will result in a superior final finish that meets your company’s high standards.