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2nd S T E P

thread the machine + machine knitting

Once the knitwear department receives the order, the production process involves several detailed steps to ensure the creation of high-quality knitwear pieces.

The knitwear department reviews the detailed work order, including size, color, pattern, and any special instructions or customizations.

The required yarns and materials based on the specifications of the order are gathered together.t

The knitting machine is prepared  by threading it with the chosen yarns. This involves carefully feeding the yarn through the machine’s tension discs and guides.

The machine settings are adjusted for tension, stitch size, and pattern programming to match the specifications of the order.

The machine begins the knitting process, creating the individual pieces of the garment according to the programmed design. 

This can include different sections such as front and back panels, sleeves, collars, and cuffs.

 The machine  is continuously monitored to ensure smooth operation and to quickly address any issues such as yarn breaks or misalignments.

The pieces are periodically inspected as they are being knitted to ensure they meet quality standards and the order specifications.

In the end each pieces is inspected for any defects or inconsistencies to ensure it meets all quality standards.

Once all parts of the garment are knitted and inspected, they are prepared for linking.